Jean is a Master and Certified Professional photographer. Initially, photography was a calming artistic outlet for her to capture the beauty of the natural world around her. 


Once her two boys were born, they showed her it was a joy to photograph people. Lighting for people is much different from the landscape, however, so Jean challenged herself to learn portrait photography and expanded her business into family portraits. 


An interesting thing not everyone knows about Jean is that she was a crazy cat lady! What started as volunteering for a local foster home animal rescue turned into being a founding member of the feline spin off, continuing to foster cats and ending up with nine, yes nine, indoor cats of her own at one point! It's no surprise that she ended up becoming a pet photographer. Currently, she has two feline children.


Jean's motto is "never stop learning." With her kind, caring and approachable personality, she enjoys helping others expand their interest, skills and love of photography and looks forward to meeting you in class!